• Anti-bullying training

    Our schools, as QLS (Quality Language Schools) members, organize students’ Anti- Bullying trainings, in collaboration with “The Diana Award”, the British non – profit organization, which runs under the umbrella of the British Ministry of Education, and contributes to the significant legacy that Princess Diana left for future generations.
  • Debates

    An innovative way to practise the foreign language being taught, while nourishing team work and critical thinking, two very important skills for our students’ future life.
  • Eurovision

    May 2010 – Our students, separated in teams, chose their favourite Eurovision song and presented it to the audience. The audience, then, was asked to vote for the best performance.
  • Junior Club

    Crafts, games, songs, cookery, all in English, make our young students, aged between 3 to 6, love the English Language.
  • Pre school party

    A big party has been established almost every year to celebrate the beginning of the school year.
  • Donations – Christmas 2015

    Kallithea’s National Nursery Orphanage. Our students’ civic-mindedness is reinforced through acts of kindness that they get involved in.
  • Donations – Christmas 2016

    Our students offered food and essentials to our local social market. Two Christmas trees were made, one made up of the food donated and the other with wishes written in the languages taught.
  • Carnival Parties

    We put on our most spectacular costumes and we have a lot of fun.
  • Graduations

    Every year, dozens of our students certify their knowledge through official foreign language exams and receive their certificates at the various events we organize.
  • Beginning of the school year

    In September the management and the teaching staff welcome the students to the new school year in a special way.
  • Christmas Celebrations

    Our students present short Christmas plays and songs to their parents in the languages they learn, and they are also entertained by animators.
  • Escape Rooms

    Game of the modern era, with D class – Proficiency level students. The riddles are in English so we can play, but at the same time practise the language we are learning!
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