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  • Welcome to Taliakou Schools of Foreign Languages

    English - French - German - Creative Play
  • The ‘Taliakou’ Schools Of Foreign Languages Offer High Quality Learning Since 1988.

    During all these years we have been established among the top-quality foreign language schools in Kallithea and Athens. The Greek and foreign experienced teachers, the innovative audiovisual equipment, the modern air-conditioned classrooms, in combination with our excellent methodology, guarantee the highest level of the services that we provide.

    All the above is proven by our high percentages of success, which lies between 90% and 100%.

    In addition, with tuition fees affordable to all, parents can feel confident that they have chosen the best for their child.

    In our effort to strengthen the school-parent communication, parents have the ability to monitor their children’s progress online every day.


    Learning foreign languages is easier than you think!

    As long as it is done by suitable people, with modern methods, in the right environment. In “Taliakou” Schools of Foreign Languages, knowledge is an exciting journey, in which everyone can participate.

    Our experienced Greek and foreign teachers, through the ‘NLP’ method (neurological programming) identify each child’s type of learning and immediately develop their abilities in order to achieve excellent performance.

    The pair-work system we implement in the classroom helps students express themselves in a foreign language, allowing them to form oral speech from the very beginning. Role-play games put students in real-life situations, helping them not only practice the foreign language but also learn elements of the culture of each country.

    The most modern audio-visual media (interactive whiteboards) that our classrooms have, make the lesson more enjoyable than ever and capture the interest of every student. In this way, the learners acquire the knowledge during the lesson and at home only minimal practice is needed. Additionally, in the preliminary levels of each language we apply ‘in class studying’, so students complete all assignments in class. Through this method, students are not only not burdened with studying at home, but they are also trained on how to study properly.

    Parents can feel confident about their children’s progress, as they are informed every two months with detailed scores, which are based on continuous assessment of students with tests. At the same time, parents can be informed daily from the homework and communication notebook that we provide to our students completely free of charge.

    We provide comfortable, bright classrooms, fully equipped with the most modern audiovisual media, the interactive whiteboards. With us, learning becomes easy and effective!
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    Our schools have been members of QLS (Quality Language Schools) Association since May 2016, which consists of autonomous, independent and of excellent quality language schools and is an acclaimed association in Greece and abroad.
    This is a dynamic collaboration with multiple benefits for our students.
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  • New educational approach
  • Programmes of Study

    You can find the programme which suits you best, with us!
  • Our programmes of study are divided into 4 cycles

  • Our programmes of study vary according to the needs of each student, starting as early as the age of four!

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  • Excellent Teaching Staff

    The people behind the success
  • Our Staff is carefully chosen and with our long-time collaborations, parents and students can feel secure that they have made the right choice for their foreign language education.

  • At “Taliakou” Language schools, the right choice of the teaching personnel constitutes the key to success. Our team consists of highly trained teachers with long time experience in teaching. Our teachers share the vision and the values that our schools represent. Through our long – term collaborations, the team spirit and the continuous training and development, we manage to teach the foreign language while developing the skills and talents of each of our students, at the same time. We also have the right inspection of our students’ progress, individually. Faithful to Knowledge, personal development and vision, all educators in our school do our best to ensure excellent quality of our services and to achieve our educational objectives.
    Our schools’ secretaries, that cater for our students’ safety, parents – students and teachers continuous support, complete the excellent services offered.

    • When I first came to the TALIAKOU tutorial, my knowledge of English was minimal, but thanks to the innovative language learning method…

      Nikolas X.
      F.C.E. Class (2012-13)
    • When it was time for my daughter to start learning English, I visited several local tutoring centers. I saw the facilities, discussed the methods…

      Sofia Ps.
      Chrisanthi's Mom
      (Class A Senior 2012-2013)
    • The reason I chose this Foreign Language Center is because I had heard very positive feedback from many parents and their children, who are very satisfied…

      Eleni K.
      Nektarios' Mom
      (Class C senior 2012- 2013)
    • When it comes to the education of our children, we are interested in the results and not in just pleasing our ears. At ‘Taliakou’ tutorial centers, we know…

      Nikos K.
      Melina's Dad.
      (A-Junior Class 2012-2013)
    • I enrolled my children at ‘Taliakou’ Foreign Language Center because I had heard that it is a very good Foreign Language Center with very reasonable prices…

      Anna K.
      Marios' and Antonis' Mom.
      (Class D Senior and F.C.E. 2012-2013)
    • At ‘Taliakou’ Foreign Language Centers, we experienced real and meaningful learning, as in the past, at a previous Foreign Language Centers…

      Marinos P.
      Iro's Dad.
      (Class Α Senior 2012-2013)
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